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We stand behind our products. We service what we sell!

We have a well-equipped service facility to repair your kitchen appliances whether you bought it from us or from somewhere else. We stock most of the commonly used spare parts for the following kitchen appliances:

ULTRA Grind+ Wetgrinder
All parts for Grind+
ULTRA Pride+ Wetgrinder
All parts for Pride+
Sumeet Mixie
Some parts including clips, lids, couplers
Prestige Pressure Cookers
All spares including gaskets, handles etc.
Santha Wetgrinders
All parts for commercial & home use

Our factory-trained service engineer will repair your appliances to the original specifications. Our service work comes with a limited warranty. Call us at 770-594-1815 for repair questions or fill out the service request form below.

We sell a few spare parts that can be installed by the customer. For safety reasons, we do not sell electrical components or other parts that require opening the appliance base.

Service_through_Dealer_Network: For your convenience, some of our dealers are equipped to service the ULTRA wet grinders we sell. Periodically, we conduct "Grinder Clinics" at various dealer locations to service your grinder. Send us an e-mail to find out when we are planning to have a "Grinder Clinic" in or near your city.


Appliance Repair Service Request Form

Please provide all the relevant information by email
Insufficient information will delay issuing a return authorization number.

Select the appliance that needs repair:

Did you buy from Inno Concepts Inc.?

If No, where was it purchased?

Has your address changed since you bought the unit?

Provide receipt no. and date

Provide unit serial number


E-mail Address:

Telephone No.

Street Address:

City, State Zip

Brief description of the repair service needed:

We will e-mail you the return authorization number and packing instructions for returning the units that need service



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