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Ultra Grind+

After 18 years, this model was discontinued in 2009. We now have two new models Ultra Perfect+ and Ultra Slimline. We will have the spare parts available till end of 2011 for this Ultra Grind+ to cover warranty service.


ULTRA Grind+
Ultra Grind+

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We ship 220 V units to anywhere in the world. Please click on the link to order 220V Grind+

Batter Cleaning system is not part of the Grind+ package. They are available for purchase @

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  • For grinding cacao (cocoa) beans for chocolate (melangers) please visit

  • No. 1 selling wet grinder in India, USA and worldwide.

  • Granite stones for longevity. Granite stones also grind the ingredients without heating them - thus preserves the nutrients.

  • Attractive, sleek unit complements any kitchen.

  • Detachable grinding vessel is easy to clean and doubles as storage vessel for fermenting or for storing the left-over dough in the refrigerator.

  • The motor is so quiet you can operate the unit even while talking on the phone.

  • The granite roller stones last even after 10 years of use.

  • Click here for Use and Care Instructions

  • These grinders are not just multi-purpose but are also ideal for multiethnic food preparation.

  • These grinders are ideal to grind the dough for Idli, dosa, vada, dhokla, Puto, masa (for tortillas) etc. The kneader attachment is ideal for kneading the dough for puris, chapathis, parothas, tortillas, breads, pizzas, or for whipping the cream for desserts.

  • New batter cleaning system lets you clean dough from the roller stones easily and effortlessly. The batter cleaning system reduces the amount of wasted batter and minimizes the effort, and stress needed to clean the roller stones - Available as optional attachment for purchase.



  • Attractive almond color with purple accents.

  • Small footprint -- about 1.5 square feet of counter space

  • Capacity -- 1/2 cup to 8 cups of soaked grains and lentils (2 L)

  • 110V AC 60 Hz

  • Approximately 45 lbs. with packaging

  • 2-year limited US warranty against any manufacturing defect



Two year limited warranty against any manufacturing defect.

In case you have any service questions, please fill out the form here or email or call 770-594-1815

Inno Concepts Inc. is the only Authorized distributor for the Ultra grinders in North America. Inno Concepts Inc. will honor the warranty only if the units are purchased from or its authorized dealers or authorized web malls. Buy Genuine products from our authorized dealers only! If you have any doubt about the credibility of the product you are purchasing, please contact us or our authorized_dealers listed at our website with the dealer name and the serial number.


Elegantly designed, convenient to use.

Ultra table top wetgrinders (idli grinders or dosa grinders or wet grinders) help you prepare Ultra soft idlies, Ultra crispy vadas, Ultra crunchy dosas, and Ultra fluffy pooris with the ULTRA GRIND+! Use Ultra Grind+ to prepare gourmet foods, and create exotic dishes with ease. You can:

  • grind masa (for tortillas) instead of using a cumbersome "Stone y Mano"
  • prepare puto (a Filipino delicacy)
  • make noodles and rice sticks without the manual Chinese "mo"
  • knead the dough for pizza, bread, cake, or even whipping cream
  • prepare Chatta Mari - Nepalese delicacy which is similar to dosa.
  • Prepare Soymilk and tofu from soy beans
  • grind almond pieces for Marzepan and other nuts for nut pastes
  • grind cacao (cocoa) beans for chocolate (We have modified the Ultra Grind+ and they are sold as melangers - for more details If Grind+ is used for grinding cocoa (cacao) beans, the warranty will be void.

Quality and Performance like you have never seen before. The ULTRA GRIND+ can make batter, or dough preparation fast and easy. The stainless steel drum can grind both large and small quantities – from half a cup to eight cups of grain. The powerful 110V motor is designed to run continuously at least 20 minutes to prepare soft and smooth batter.

  • Prepare Ultra soft idlies, Ultra crispy vadas, Ultra crunchy dosas, and Ultra fluffy
  • Poories with the ULTRA Grind+
  • With the feedback from our large number of ULTRA Grind+ customers, We have incorporated new features and design improvements into the Grind+.
  • The Ultra Grind+ is India's #1 selling wet grinder! Use it to prepare multi ethnic foods.
  • It is ideal for grinding masa (for tortillas) or for kneading the dough for pizza, bread or even for whipping cream!
ULTRA Grind+  SS Drum

Stainless Steel Drum

The lightweight stainless steel drum detaches easily from the drive shaft for easy cleaning. It can also be used as a storage vessel for the batter. The drum has a stone bottom to give that authentic taste you get only from stone on stone grinding. The dual grinding stones are lightweight and are easy to remove and clean.

Conical Grinding Stone

The conical grinding stone ensures efficient grinding at an optimum speed that results in smoother batter and tastier dosas, idlies and tortillas.

ULTRA Grind+ Stone Assembly

ULTRA Grind+ Atta Kneader

Atta Kneader

The atta kneader attachment is ideal for kneading dough for soft chapathis, fluffy pooris, light parottas, moist cookies, or even pizza. It also makes frothy whipped cream for do-it-yourself decorations.

We do not sell the coconut scraper attachment. We believe the coconut scraper is not a safe product to use in North America. We do not recommend or approve the use of coconut scrapers with ULTRA grinders. Customer assumes the responsibility for any unapproved use of the coconut scraper.


Disclaimer: The quality and taste of the food products made using ULTRA Grind+ wetgrinder depend on many factors such as the quality of the ingredients, dough fermentation conditions, personal preferences, cooking skills etc. The information provided in the frequentlyaskedquestions and recipes section will help you achieve the optimum taste and quality. We cannot guarantee the taste and quality of the food. However, we guarantee that the product is free from manufacturing defects and meets its specifications.

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