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SS Pressure Cookers

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Hawkins Pressure Cookers

Pigeon Pressure Cookers

SS 10L Pressure Cooker
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$54.99 + $10 S&H
SS 5L Pressure Cooker
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$44.99 + $10 S&H
SS 3L Pressure Cooker
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+ $10 S&H
Hawkins Pressure Cookers
Pigeon Pressure Pan 
SS Pressure Pan - Senior
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$44.99 + $10 S&H

Weight Valve
Best-designed safety weight valve with stainless steel stem. Lasts longer. Facilitates faster cooking.

Safety Valve
Safety valve helps the escape of Pressurized steam in case of overload.

Handle & Flame Guard
Sturdy handles with unidirectional Inter-lock and aesthetically designed flame guard for extra thermal protection.

Made from food grade high quality rubber - high durability, no discoloration and no odor absorption.

Stainless Steel Body
AISI 304 grade Stainless Steel of 1.25mm thickness - for sturdy body, better hygiene, safety, durability .


Gasket Release System
Gasket Release System slot in the lid is a unique safety device making your pressure cooker completely safe. It is the second level of safety protection in releasing excess steam.

Anti Implosion Lid
Lid is safe guarded for Anti Implosion and mechanically rigidified for better performance.

Gasket Release Vent System is provided on the lid for additional safety. It is the third level of protection to releasing the excess steam upward from the vent.

Disclaimer: The quality and taste of the food products made using Pigeon pressure cooker depend on many factors such as the quality of the ingredients, personal preferences, cooking skills etc. The information provided in the frequently asked questions and recipes section will help you achieve the optimum taste and quality. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the taste and quality of the food. However, we guarantee that the product is free from manufacturing defects and the product meets its specifications.


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