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Ultra Pride+ Use Care
Before using your ULTRA tabletop wet grinder, carefully read and understand the safety instructions.

Recommended soaking time for the grinding material is minimum of four hours (except urad dhal - soak for not more than two hours).
Soak with adequate amount of water.
Before using for the first time, wash the vessel thoroughly with soap and water. Remove the screw from the roller holder assembly and separate the stones. Wash the roller holder with soap and water. Wash the stones with soap and water and make sure you use a pipe cleaner to clean the channel in the stone.


Clean drum assembly thoroughly
Place drum on center rod. Gently rotate until drum fixes itself 
Place the roller assembly in the drum in position as indicated above.
Close the arm and press gently to lock automatically.

Pulses/Cereals to be ground should always be added in small quantities to ensure even grinding. After adding the urad dhal, stop the unit, scrap the urad from the sides and corners using the spatula & then switch on the machine again. This ensures uniform grinding.

Pour a cup of water into the drum.  Press the switch downwards to switch on the appliance. 
Add the grinding medium in small quantities with adequate water and place the hatch. 
When required consistency is achieved, switch off the appliance.
Remove hatch, hold the arm, and press lock to release, then swing the arm upwards and rest it by tilting it to either side according to your convenience. Never leave the arm upright. Place the roller holder assembly on the batter cleaner. .Hold the roller holder assembly at the top and rotate the rollers one by one to wipe the batter from them.  Remove the drum to use the batter. Remaining batter can be stored in refrigerator in the same vessel.


Remove roller stones and place the atta kneader in the drum. Lock the arm and feed approx(350gm) of atta through the opening provided. Pour a little water and switch on the appliance. Add a little oil and salt to taste. Add water till you get the required consistency.

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