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Grindeez Pulverizer





 This high-capacity pulverizer is made of high quality stainless steel and has 4 sieves to produce a variety of textures from fine to coarse. You can grind pulses, grains such as rice, wheat, lentils such as chana, chillies, spices, and even oily substances such as peanuts and sesame seeds. you can also make rice flour from the wet rice (used for Athirasam and other delicacies).

Manufactured in India by a well known Company that miniaturized commercial scale pulverizers. Compact, powerful, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Ideal product for those who demand fresh and healthy flour made from a variety of grains and legumes. The Grindeez Flour Mill is specially designed to powder grains like Wheat, Ragi, Soya, Corn, Rice, Cowpea, Bajra, Black Gram, Green Gram, Sugar, Coffee Bean, Coriander, Pepper, Chana Dhal, Maize and Curry Bean.

Why is freshly ground flour healthy?

Food prepared from freshly ground flour not only tastes better, but it is also healthier. Most of the nutrients including vitamins degrade (become oxidized) when exposed to air for prolonged periods of time. The degradation is accelerated in fine powders (due to large surface area available for oxygen to react) especially at warmer temperatures. Therefore it is healthier to use freshly ground flour.
Why is the Innoconcepts Grindeez Pulverizer better than the others?

Because it produces fresh flour by grinding the product by hammer mechanism. The grains and legumes are ground in the SS chamber with a hammer. The grinding mechanism does not heat the ingredients, so the heat sensitive nutrients are preserved.

Why is the Innoconcepts Pulverizer suitable for healthy cooking?

There are several reasons:
Grinding speed is moderate (but not the grinding capacity) and therefore grinds at lower temperatures. It does not vaporize flavor and nutrients.

Grinds to a wide range of particle size:

There are four different sieves that let you vary the particle size of the output from coarse to fine texture.

Grinds a wide range of products:

You can grind dry pulses and grains, oily substances like nuts and spices and even wet materials like soaked rice.

Produces nutritionally rich, healthy products:

The nutrients present in grains and legumes are heat and air sensitive. When exposed to air and hot temperatures, these nutrients degrade at a faster rate due to large surface area of the fine powder. Freshly prepared fine flour is significantly more nutritious than prepackaged flours available in supermarkets. You can taste and feel the difference.

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