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Sumeet Mixies
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Asia Kitchen Machine
Complete Kitchen System with Powerful Motor

Original Sumeet AKM
220 V base units (without jars)

Sumeet AKM
110 V Mixies - OUT OF STOCK

Internet Price $189.99
(S&H free in 48 contiguous states of US).

Click here for the spare parts

The widely known heavy-duty mixie in India. Sumeet mixie has been the favorite appliance in millions of Indian kitchen for the last forty years.

The elegantly designed "ASIA KITCHEN MACHINE" is not just a mixie. It is an appliance system, comes with the base unit housing powerful motor. It comes with three jars, one for wet/dry grinding, one stainless steel jar for whipping, chopping, grating or blending and one for small quantities of a wide variety of materials.

The "ASIA KITCHEN MACHINE" has a specially designed safety lock system. The machine will not operate until the lid is closed completely. Two of the lids have uniquely designed wiper mechanism to result in homogeneously ground product.

Motor : 550 Watt AC
Voltage : 110V AC 60 Hz
Weight :Approximately 18 lbs.
We are out of stock for 110V units at this time.

We will update our webpage once we receive the stock.

These products come with 3 years warranty on the motor and one year warranty on all other parts and labor. The warranty repairs will be covered by the SUMEET's authorized distributor. Their website is

Contact Tel No. is 1-800-268-1530.

We also sell 220 V units. We have stock for this item.

Please click on the link to order 220V Sumeet AKM

Disclaimer: The quality and taste of the food products made using SUMEET Mixie depend on many factors such as the quality of the ingredients, personal preferences, cooking skills etc. The information provided in the frequently asked questions and recipes section will help you achieve the optimum taste and quality. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the taste and quality of the food. However, we guarantee that the product is free from manufacturing defects and the product meets its specifications.


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